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When your dog became the best
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"So guys, I have difficulties... PROBLEMS...with my health... 
Long time ago I wished about dog and I had idea how to have it. So, I'm here in Deviantart to collect some money for it...
And, ohhh... Why it happened with me??!!
Yesterday, when I have been eating my yogurt suddenly my teeth has broke! 
Gosh, I need money now to care about my teeth... I never will have a dog.. Soon I'll be mad... I'm going crazy, 'cause all my problems about money, which I don't have... ;h;
I'm dying.. "
Hearing such things makes me sad anytime I read them :c

"So she climbed on the tree that carries fruit of red. So she followed twisting, winding branches until she came to the edge of the world.

So she jumped."


BG- simplybackgrounds.deviantart.c…
Brush set-…



Name: Morra – Ashpaw - Ashfall
Pronouns: She/herGender: Female
Age: 6 moonsWeight: 1.7 kg
Birthday: 19th of January • Clan: Lakeclan


                                                                                               "Home is behind, but the world lies a head."

 - • Past Mate: -
Mother: Hekate • Father: A stray
Siblings: -
Kits: -

Likes: Fish, swimming, sunning herself, listening to stories
Dislikes: Arguments, bullies, injustice
Favorite Prey: Fish

Physical Information

Breed: Sphinx cat x Moggy
Build: Large Coat: Almost hairless/patchy floof during winter
Eyes: Light blueVoice: Calm, quiet
Scent: Like berries, moss and slightly after fish • Colour: Grey, piebald carrier


Name | Owner | Bullets | Thoughts

Name | Owner | Bullets | Thoughts

Name | Owner | Bullets | Thoughts

Name | Owner | Bullets | Thoughts

Bullet; Green ||Acquaintance |♥| Looks up to|| Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green ||Friend |♥| Respect|| Bullet; White Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Close Friend |♥| Great Respect|| Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Best Friend

Bullet; Orange ||Slight Curiosity |♥| Likes (platonic)|| Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange ||Suspicious |♥| Loves (platonic)|| Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange ||Interested In |♥| Like Family|| Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple

Bullet; Pink ||Slight Crush |♥| Slight Attraction|| Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink || Crush |♥| Physical Attraction|| Bullet; Red Bullet; Red
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink ||Loves |♥| Lust|| Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Yellow ||Distant Relative |♥| Nervous|| Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow ||Relative |♥| Discomfort|| Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow ||Close Relative |♥| Scared of|| Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Black ||Slight Annoyance |♥| Passed away|| Skull and Crossbones 
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black ||Dislikes |♥| Mate|| Rose
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black ||Hates |♥| Ex-mate|| Black Rose


+ | Calm, Loyal, Loving, open-minded | +

= | Strong willed and Independent at heart, Realistic and Philosophical at the same time | =

- | Proud, Distrustful/timid, Stubborn at times | -


Morra was born a kittypet. Her owner never planned for her mother to get pregnant again. Her mother was a purebred Sphynx cat and had had given birth to many a child that filled her heart with pride, but she was old, too old to give birth to another litter- or so her owner thought. Morra never new anything about her father except that he raped her mother.

It was not uncommon for purebred cats to be stolen and her mother was considerably weakened by her birth, so her owner kept her inside like most of the other Sphynx cats. Their world reached no further than the small garden, in which stood a tree that carried fruits of red. The high stone wall that rimmed in the property could have been the end of the world for all they new and know they did little. All they new of the outside words were strange smells and stories of the terrors and monsters that lurked there.

Despite being a mongrel, a girl, a bastard who would never be worth anything, Morra lived under the same rules and laws as the rest of her family. She was even allowed the same luxurious live.They ate from porcelain plates and slept on expensive cushions. The house was expensively furnished, with Persian carpets and ornate chairs of ebony wood. Yes, they lived well. All of them were plump and happy.

But it wasn’t the calling of the wild or the lust of adventure that drove her out. It was the loneliness of being an outsider and the curiosity and hope that somewhere out there were cats that could understand and love her. Cats like her.

So she climbed on the tree that carries fruit of red. So she followed twisting, winding branches until she came to the edge of the world.

So she jumped.

• Apprenticeship •
•Warrior/Medicine Cat •
• Deputy/Leader •


Art/Character © Me (Sushaly)

Please don't take her names!

Mother Moon
This is the first of a series of gods that 'exist' in my imaginary world. I already have their appearance and character thought out I just need to put it down into words or draw it. I will still add the most important info tomorrow.

Tell me if you feel a mature content is necessary because of the owls intestines. They are heavily stylized so I thought it ok.



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